Calicore Neolectra By Frederick Du Cane Godman


Plate 25 from ‘Biologia Centrali-Americana: Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera’ by Frederick Du Cane Godman (1834-1919) and Osbert Salvin (1835-1898). The complementary rich purples and yellows in the wings of these butterflies create a dynamic display of natural beauty. The bursts of warm pink and terracotta shades energise the composition and capture the attention of the viewer. The dimensions of this print are 40x50cm please note that the external dimensions are a little larger due to the frame dimensions. The external measurements are approximately 45x55cm.



We are based just outside of York in the UK. All our frames are handmade with machine assistance for continued and lasting quality. All our frames are composed from premium quality FSC certified materials and are glazed with a gallery quality styrene glazing. This cuts down on weight, is shatterproof for safety around children and pets and all without compromising on the final finish of your artwork.

High quality giclee print using 230gsm heavyweight coated paper and 12-colour Lucia ink for a vibrant and professional finish. The specially formulated ink pigments are produced to avoid graininess and fading, meaning your framed artwork will stand the test of time.

Manufactured in a solid wood block moulding measuring 23mm wide and 23mm deep, with three options available with a Black, White or Oak finish.

All framed artwork is hand taped to the rear of the frame to prevent any unwanted dust from entering and diminishing the look.