Iconic Prints of London Landmarks featuring this print of the river Thames by Richard O'Neill

London, as seen through the eyes of our artists

One of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world, London has it's fair share of iconic landmarks and is positively steeped in history.  Artists, musicians, and, of course, celebrities all call it home but you don't have to live in London to appreciate the sights.

Our London art print collection is a series of gorgeous posters depicting some of the well-known and lesser-known London sights. We've compiled a list of ideas that you might not have considered, as well as some familiar sights re-imagined by our travel artists.


Waterloo Sunset by Stephen Millership


1. Waterloo Sunset

The view was made famous by the Kinks in their 1967 song Waterloo Sunset written by Ray Davis and has been photographed and painted many times; Stephen Millership's Waterloo Sunset print is a particularly evocative interpretation of this iconic landmark.

Manchester-based artist Stephen Millership draws inspiration from the golden age of travel posters but adds a contemporary spin to his work. According to Stephen, his illustrations bring to life the world's tallest skyscrapers, longest bridges, most significant monuments, adding artistic detail to increase respect for loved and unloved things.

Stephen has worked with the National Trust, London Transport Museum, National Museum of Scotland, The Barbican, and others over many years.


London Art Print by Richard O Neill

2. The Thames

London lives on the river, and many artists understand that the river is the focal point for the entire city. The London art print by Richard O'Neill is a colourful modern depiction of ‘Old Father Thames.’

Richard O'Neil has an eye for detail and a natural flair for colour. Richard is a digital artist; he was born in Bradford and went to Grammar school there. Richard had a natural talent for art from the beginning but was underwhelmed by how teachers taught the subject in school.

In 2011 Richard, prompted by redundancy and a desire for a career change, dived headlong into art and design as a full-time job. He'd purchased an iPad and experimented with ways to combine his artistic ability with digital technology, focusing on well-known locations, including many sites in London.

Richard has re-created the way London looks while remaining true to the details of the famous sites.  Take a look at our extensive collection of Richard O'Neill art prints.


Picadilly Circus

3. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus has long been the heart of London's entertainment sector, attracting long-term residents and curious visitors like moths to a bright neon flame.

It may not have the majestic magnitude of similar places globally, such as New York's Times Square or The Shibuya area in Tokyo but Piccadilly Circus has always had history on its side, providing an unrivalled sense of mystery and intrigue.

Everyone is familiar with the well-known billboards. You might be surprised to learn that an advertisement for Perrier was the first to use this new advertising approach in 1908. From that time till now, brightly lit advertising hoardings have hung atop Piccadilly Circus's surrounding buildings, advertising anything from soft beverages to vehicles.

This Picadilly Circus art print by Richard O'Neill manages to infuse the sense of excitement and wonder in this familiar central London location.


 London Eye Art Print by Rick Smith

4. London Eye

The London Eye Travel Art Print by Rick Smith is a particularly atmospheric print of the Ferris wheel. It was the world's tallest Ferris wheel when it opened to the public in 2000 and was initially only a temporary structure built to celebrate the Millenium.

The London Eye's operators applied to Lambeth Council for permanent status, and the proposal was approved in July 2002. With over 3 million visits each year, it is the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.  

Unsurprisingly, the London Eye has made many appearances in pop culture and is referenced in songs and music videos almost every day.

Rick has worked as an illustrator for the National Trust and the Tate Galleries for over 20 years. With a nostalgic reference to the traditional travel poster designs of the 1930s, his artwork shows a variety of destinations inspired by the places he loves; the London Eye is no exception. Take a look at the Rick Smith Art Print Collection on Athena




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