An interview with james bywood
"Creativity became a way of life for me.” - James Bywood

An interview with james bywood

James Bywood creates stunning graphical interpretations of landscape. “My work is inescapably connected to the landscape I grew up in. I was born on the edge of the Peak District in Sheffield and spent many a childhood holiday in the Lake District and Scotland. Now live within 30 minutes of the Yorkshire Dales in Leeds. This attachment with the landscape informs everything I create.” James admits to "being a bit of a magpie”. He loves to read and research artists and their work and loves to immerse himself in the work of other artists in exhibitions. He does not see his style as static, but one that is continually evolving. James see’s his work as a never ending journey of discovery, his style likely to to continue to evolve. My work is continually changing. I’m not really a perfectionist, but every piece of work I produce is never complete, I always look to see how I can develop, taking my thoughts and ideas and let them help me produce further work.

What does Art mean to you?

A way of life? A job. Something that I obsess over.

When did you first become interested in art and why?

I guess at school? It seemed like the easiest subject for me to do well at. You could say I chose the path of least resistance? It turned out that I was quite good at it, and with the encouragement of my parents and teachers I got stuck in, and never looked back. Creativity became a way of life for me.

What journey do you take to produce your work?

Walking and photographing things and views that interest me. A great deal of thinking. A sketchbook full of ideas. A computer creaking with scans, photographs, and drawings. The final artwork all comes together in a print room.

How do you set yourself up on a morning before working?

Good cup of coffee and a sausage sandwich.

How would you describe the artist's role within society?

To remind people that they are part of a greater picture.
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