James is a keen rambler and hillwalker and captures hidden gems he discovers along the way. He has captured scenes from the Peak District, The Lake District and other great walking areas in the UK. His bright and bold style is the perfect way to brighten any wall. James bywood: vibrant screen-prints of the british landscape

Otley Chevin

The Chevin is a picturesque wooded hill just outside Otley. Here James and his family (Pictured in the background) have walked the paths for many years and built many fond memories. The cool earthy tones within the print are very calming. The flat colours are harmoniously balanced with delicate details. The perfect way to bring some natural serenity into your home this year!

Beech Woodland

The colours most popular right now are violets and purples. Bright complementary combinations of colour, Like the purple and green of this print, marry together perfectly. This print depicts a piece of woodland James came across whilst walking in the Wharfedale valley near Grassington. The previous years leaf litter was still holding its red colour, and the new spring canopy was just unfurling. The sap green of the new leaves contrasted perfectly against the red on floor, especially when the sun came out.

The Langdale Pikes

The Langdale Pikes are amongst the most famous peaks in The Lake District National Park. On a recent trip to stay and walk around Ambleside James found two pikes in question seemed to be omnipresent. On each of the five days James walked they were there, either full-fontal as with this image, or poking their tops out from behind other peaks. This is a scene familiar to many hillwalkers, and the beautiful colour layers bounce off of each other creating a vibrant and eye-catching composition. James bywood: vibrant screen-prints of the british landscape

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park is a jewel of municipal greenery on the eastern edge of Leeds. The bandstand and surrounding mature woodland make for a beautiful scene. This was especially the case last autumn, when a prolonged period of fair weather meant the trees retained their leaves far longer than usual. The leaves turned a beautiful combination of russet tones in the surprisingly warm sunshine. This print is a spectacular example of how James can blend his screen print layers together to create dynamic compositions, as the blue and yellow layers create a beautiful green burst.

The Boathouse over Crumock Water

This print derives from a tranquil walk along the banks of Crummock Water in The Late District National Park. The boathouse is the only building on the lake and James found this comparative emptiness a peaceful contrast with the heavily populated and well-known Derwent Water and Windermere. James Bywood's work is full of vitality and intrigue. His bold flat colour layers are elegantly balanced with subtle textures to capture the rugged beauty of the natural Landscape. It’s so easy to celebrate your favourite walking spot or bring a little bit of nature back into your home with his work. With 2018 now in full swing it’s time to dive into the exiting styles and trends that are emerging! James’s bold block colours are very popular and the way they overlap and dance together on the page gives his work great depth and texture. Bring your favourite walk home with you! Find out more about James in our exclusive interview.
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