Meet the Artist – Jessie Cohen : Chromakane

As we slowly emerge from the global pandemic what will you be taking away from the experience and how, if at all, has it had an impact on your art?

The pandemic has shown me how to be adaptable and become more productive for fast-paced social media platforms, which I’ve come to rely on more heavily to share my work. But it has also taught me patience: I have learned to slow down and put more creative thought and consideration into every step I take to grow my art practice.


Where do you work and what things do you need around you to spark your creativity?

I’m a creature of habit who enjoys a routine, as well as the therapeutic element of being able to unplug and focus solely on a new drawing, and I am based in my home studio for the most part. Yet challenging myself in different ways has been vital to allowing myself to grow and evolve as an artist, so I believe that taking risks is usually when the brighter creative sparks happen for me. This could mean experimenting with an entirely new printing or hand-finishing technique, or deciding to branch out into new avenues, such as textile or tattoo art.

Chromakane - Guiding Light Giclee Print


Can you tell us a bit about your creative process – what journey do you take to produce your work?

I enjoy researching a theme behind a piece before I begin working on a new composition, as this will often lead to more exciting or deep-rooted ideas. I also love the idea of combining symbols and aesthetics from different cultures, to hopefully bring people together and create interesting new connections through my art. Perhaps this is due to having grown up in a multicultural household, with the opportunity to travel from an early age. I see the value of absorbing the richness of world cultures, learning from others, and opening our minds to different beliefs, so this process is something I always try to bring back into my art practice. Technically, I’ll often begin with a hand drawing but I’ll also be keen to experiment with new tools and media for my original canvas and print pieces, most recently screen printing and spray-painted stencil art.


Did you always have a dream to be an artist?

Yes definitely, I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember and I have always dreamed of a career in the visual arts. In my opinion, one of the best things about being an artist is that there is always room to grow and evolve whilst remaining true to yourself. A couple years into my practice, and I’m still eager to keep imagining my work on new and different canvasses: my focus has mostly been original and printed art, but I am steadily also branching out into textile, homeware and tattoo art.

Chromakane - Flash Red Giclee Print 

Who inspires you?

Everybody, everything. I like looking for inspiration beyond the realm of art and design. I want to give my work a human element as much as possible so that it becomes more relatable –people, emotions and feelings are hugely inspiring to me so these will be channelled through my work, represented by creatures as well as more organic abstract forms.


If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice on starting out as a professional artist what would it be?

Know yourself first and never stop experimenting.


Life Before by artist Chromakane : Jessie Cohen

Can you tell us the story behind your favourite print from your collection?

My favourite print from my collection is ‘Life Before’. I drew it one year into starting Chromakane, so in a way it marks my first year of achievements growing my own art practice. It is a sequel to ‘Life After’, so it shows how my art style has evolved over this period. It also expands on some of my favourite themes to draw: mudras, energy, balance and the concept of duality.


What do you hope for Chromakane in 2022?

So far I’ve spent most of time honing my portfolio and creating the awareness to turn it into a lifestyle brand. Moving away from the restrictions and challenges of the pandemic, 2022 will hopefully be a year for collaborations and continuing to push my work into exciting new realms. I’m an avid learner who believes strongly in the combined power of creativity and knowledge, so other artistic projects are on the horizon which I’ll be tying back into Chromakane: starting an art-related podcast and becoming more involved with art therapy projects on a local scale.


Meet the artist