Meet the Artist - Lucy Michelle

This month we delve into the bold and colourful world of London-based artist Lucy Michelle.

Lucy's illustration stems from her love of animated films, cinematographic settings & travel which create bright pieces that verge on the graphical.

Read on!

Hi Lucy - Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us about you and your work?

I grew up in London and here I still am. Drawing has always been a part of me, since I was a small child armed with sheets of printer paper and a pen. My work has always been 'cartoon' and non realistic, probably because of my love of animated films. I feel like children tend to grow out of their creative habits but luckily, and with encouragement from my parents, I never stopped drawing. So here we are today!

You have a very anime/manga theme running through your artwork. What do you think has influenced you to take that direction?
Most definitely growing up watching anime, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon & animated films as well as my interest in Japanese culture. I actually don't watch as much anime these days which is why my style has probably shifted a bit. If anything, I am more inspired by Japanese illustrators currently than anime. Some of the artists I have found beautifully convey a mood with the simplicity of their lines or choices in colour and shadow.

Where have you been most proud to see your designs?
Worn by people! I sold t-shirts last year and they sold out super fast. It really made me emotional to know that someone wanted to own and wear my work.

What is your favourite piece you have produced and what is the story behind it?
My Appa piece. I remember at the time I was making it, I was filled with determination. It ended up being one of my most popular pieces which is so incredible and it’s also served as a reminder that I can work on things that I love and find success in it as well.

Appa Art Print by Lucy Michelle

Are there any artists/designers/creators who inspire you?
There are of course the artistic legends such as Alphonse Mucha, Da Vinci but to name some artists (out of many) of this century, I'd say Sachin Teng, Lois Van Baarle, Kano Nakajima, Manjit Thapp, Shirako, Tianran Qu ...

What happens during the average day in your studio?
I am working from home in my desk corner in my bedroom, surrounded by plants. My full time job is actually not illustration; I work as a software developer for Visual Effects in film. It's a pretty standard 9 to 5 and then once the day ends I am free to be left to my own creative devices!

Lucy's studio/workspace

What does the future hold for Lucy Michelle?
I have such a wide range of mediums I want to explore and combine: illustration (of course), animation, graphic design, motion graphics, 3D dreamscapes, it goes on... So I just want to be able to find the happy balance to be able to try it all in some capacity & find fulfillment in that. 

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Ramen Art Print by Lucy Michelle
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