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For our sparkly Christmas edition of Meet the Artist we speak to Ania Wieclaw the Polish artist behing the design brand ShowMeMars.

Anna Wieclaw - polish graphic designer and illustrator is the artist of ShowMeMars.

How did you get started in your career?

It all began in London, where I lived for 10 years. This is when I started going to a graphic design school.

London, being  such a great and vibrant place, never failed to inspire my artistic soul. I really loved walking its streets, watching the architecture, visiting museums and art galleries. But what I think was most important from that times, is that London made me realize that I could become whoever I wished.


This Must Be The Place by ShowMeMars 

We love your bright, bold aesthetic – it instantly lifts the spirits and puts a smile on our face. Is this the reaction you are designing for when you create your prints?

Absolutely! This is what I am aiming for from the very beginning. I don’t have to try too hard, though, as being optimistic is simply in my DNA. I am aware that due to covid, our world has become a much darker place. It is nice to know that my creations can lift mood and put smile on faces. I never steer away  from bright and cheerful colors palettes too. My instincts  always tell me to use them in my designs.


Long Dog Pattern Print by Show Me Mars

Can you tell us the story behind your favourite piece of art in your Athena collection?

It must be a ‘Long dog pattern’ design. It was one of my first ever patterns I created, so I remember how I endlessly tried to draw a sweet looking dachshund dog. When I finally got a perfect expression on its face, I turned it into a seamless pattern. I know it isn’t perfect, and I would do it so much differently now. 

Anyway, it is also a pretty successful among my customers.


Lets Dance Art Print by ShowMeMars

What does an average day in the studio look like for you?

I always try to start a day in my office with a cup of a strong, black coffee. Only with caffeine in my blood stream, I am ready to start working. If I am working on a new typographic design, first I search for words or a phrase that grabs my attention.

The next step is to find a visual style that will harmonize with the word's meaning.

There is a lot of experimentation at this stage. No matter if I am doing a typo design, working on a new pattern or illustration, I try to sketch my ideas with pen and paper first just to have a chance to escape the computer.

The last stage is choosing the right color palette. It always has to be bright and cheerful.

I always try to have small rests through my working day, so I might to go for a little walk or read a chapter of a book.

Covid times made me to avoid travels, and socializing, so having more time allows me to take part in graphic design and illustration online courses. I have learned many new skills this way.


What types of art and culture do you like to consume?

There are so many great artists that work I admire. I feel that I need to mention Yayoi Kusama here. I love her playfulness, energy and vibrant color palettes she uses. Her creations make me feel as if I fell down the rabbit hole and was surrounded by a fantasy world.

I follow so many cool artists on Instagram these days, too. I recently discovered Willian Santiago who just blows my mind with his outspoken illustration full of color and Brazilian vibe.


As this is the Christmas edition of 'Meet the Artist' can you tell us how you will be spending Christmas this year and what your favourite Christmas tradition is?

I will be travelling to my hometown Krakow to visit my family and friends. I will be cooking and baking with my mum extensively. We always have a bunch of people at our table when we celebrate Christmas Eve with a special dinner starting with a first star on a winter sky. I always made custom prints for family and friends, which made great festive gifts.

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