Meet The Artist - Vincent Trinidad

This month we delve into the playful and nostalgic world of Manila-based artist Vincent Trinidad.

Vincent’s work carries strong themes of Japanese Culture, Pop Art, and Retro Aesthetics, and often includes iconography such as cute animals, repurposed classic art, ramen bowls and video games.

In this interview Vincent discusses his work ethics, favourite artists, and his ambitions for the future. Read on!

Illustrator and Designer Vincent Trinidad

Vincent Trinidad is a digital illustrator from the Philippines 

Athena Art (AA): How did you get started in your career? 

Vincent Trinidad (VT): Basically drawing as a little kid was the only thing I was good at, that is where I spent my time and energy so I think I started very early.  

AA: What happens during the average day in your studio? 

VT: Just drawing away my time here on earth. I think it is a good use of my time.

AA: Your designs have ended up on ramen bowls, as a giant mural on a collector’s wall, and on a T-shirt worn by Samuel L. Jackson! Where have you been most proud to see your designs?

VT: I am proud that my designs get me and my family out of poverty. That is what I am really proud of. 

Vincent Trinidad's Home Art Studio

Vincent’s Home Studio, where the magic happens!

AA: You produce a lot of work. Is there a formula to how you come up with designs?

VT: Just make something that you like to work on so you will love the process and the enormous amount of time that you spend making a piece will be worthwhile.

AA: What is your favourite piece you have produced and what is the story behind it?

 VT: The Ramen Wave is definitely my favourite piece, It is when I just got home from Japan and got really inspired by the place back in 2018. 

Athena Art: The Great Ramen Wave Fine Art Print by Vincent Trinidad

Great Ramen Wave Art Print by Vincent Trinidad

AA: You cite 80s and 90s nostalgia as one of your fascinations. What do you miss most about that era?

VT: The carefree days of my childhood. The video games, TV shows.  I love to recreate those feelings thru my art. 

AA: Your work is clearly also inspired by traditional Japanese art; we see the Great Wave reproduced a lot in your designs. Are there any contemporary artists you admire?

VT: I have so many artists that I admire. Norman Rockwell, James Jean, Takashi Murakami, Nigo, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Mark Ryden and especially Hokusai.

Athena Art: Japanese Cat Fine Art Print by Vincent Trinidad

Japanese Cat Art Print by Vincent Trinidad

AA: What does the future hold for Vincent Trinidad?

VT: I just want to make art for a living and that is all. I am just really grateful for where I am as an artist and if the universe will bless me for opportunities that are beyond what I hope for I will gladly accept it. 

AA: Thanks, Vincent!

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Athena Art: Life's A Beach Fine Art Print by Vincent Trinidad
Life’s a Beach Art Print by Vincent Trinidad

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