Chloe Cheese: Beautiful and surprising domestic narratives

Chloe Cheese is an artist of great critical acclaim and internationally recognised. Her work sits in public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her handmade aesthetic is full of charm and intimacy, converting the seemingly ordinary into extraordinary and unique visual feasts.

Soup Can

The seemingly ordinary La Belle-iloise soup can has been transformed into a bright and bold composition, reminiscent of pop art compositions but in a thoroughly unique and hand rendered style.

This is the perfect companion for a modern rustic look, bold and bright but elegantly crafted and full of charm.



Lemons is a beautifully coloured piece. The cool subtle background lifts the lemons forward. The Lemons on a shelf is a simple still life but one that epitomises Chloe’s skill in making us see the ordinary in surprising and extraordinary new ways.



The warm richness of Chloe’s Tomatoes will brighten any wall. The yellow is accented with the yellow highlights of the rustic create tantalising the taste buds and the eyes at once.



Chloe’s Cat sits surveying the view, this seemingly simple composition is full of personality as the cats own dual green eyes stare out towards the viewer. Perfect for the animal lover.


Sea View

Sea View is a beautiful composition that at first appears that of a domestic interior, only after time do the adult and child playing in the wash of the rolling waves come into view making this an intimate family scene about learning, love and adventure.


White Shelf

The Shelves of simple newspaper strips are adorned with a variety of objects. Their assemblage draws us to develop a narrative for the piece, how did these objects come to be together? What do they mean to their owner?