Kate Heiss: Energetic Florals and Nature Inspired Prints

Kate Heiss studied at the Royal College of Art graduating with an MA in Textile Design in 1997. She then worked as a Textile Designer across a wide range of fashion brands including Fenchurch, Miss Selfridge and the Japanese fashion Designer Michiko Koshino.

In 2011 she opened a print workshop and has been producing lively floral and nature inspired prints since.  Much of her inspiration comes from the natural landscapes of East Anglia. Working in a variety of techniques to create her distinctive style, she describes her style as “Vibrant, illustrative and quirky.”

Kate’s four prints Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer document the natural seasonal cycle of the british landscape. They work as individual pieces but work best as a full set. These pieces have been top selections with our customers for this spring, rich with ultraviolet and purple hues – the colour of the year for 2018.


Kate’s autumn print is rich with warm oranges and reds and yellows, muted and earthy autumnal tones. The branches are thick with life, accented with bold berries.



The winter piece is further muted with suggestions of colours from flowers and berries framing a clearing in which a proud bird sits central to the image.



The warm flower petals are cooled by the breezy blue background making this a light, airy but warm spring time print buzzing with life and charm.



This print full of beautiful details and elegant flowers is warmed by its rose background. This is complemented by the beautiful blue and yellow birds sat together on the clearnings branches.