The Beatles, Beatles '65

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Beatles For Sale had been recorded on seven days scattered between August and October, when their schedule was crammed with stage performances in the UK, Canada and the US, as well as radio and television work. Given the lack of time it was not surprising that the group reverted to the 1963 formula of eight original songs and six covers. The cover portraits, again taken by Robert Freeman, adorned an unusual gatefold package, with the pocket containing the disc only revealed once the album sleeve was opened. Again, Beatles For Sale did not surface as a regular album in the US until 1987. In its place was Beatles ’65, which featured eight songs from Beatles For Sale, plus the A- and B-side of I Feel Fine/I’ll Be Back, from the UK’s A Hard Day’s Night album. The remaining tracks from Beatles For Sale appeared on a later Capitol release, Beatles VI, released in June 1965.

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