A set of three pastel abstract wall art prints in pinks, blues, yellows and greens

Pastel Wall Art for Nurseries & Children's Rooms

When most people think of pastel prints they think of pale pink and baby blue art prints for children’s rooms or nurseries. These are traditionally the domain of pastel art but modern abstract pastel art can be used to a much more dramatic, yet subtle effect in just about any room.

Pastel Wall Art in a Hallway Setting

When done right, pastel coloured canvas wall art can integrate very well anywhere, from a entrance hallway to a hotel lobby to your very own bedroom.

In our modern collection of pastel coloured wall art you’ll find muted pinks, blues and yellows and other sunny, summery, ice-cream inspired colours designed to lift and enhance any living space.

Using Pastel Coloured Wall Art to update your decor  

The days of pastel colours or pastel colour wall art being suitable only for kids’ rooms are long gone. This soft and subtle family of colours has so much more to offer!

An abstract pastel wall art print with pale pink, pale yellow, pale blue, pale green, pale grey dots

From lending a soft and calming mood to your bedroom walls to adding just a pop of colour to virtually any room in your home and everywhere in between – pastel coloured wall art is ideal for all seasons. 

Pastel abstract art is one of the simplest and quickest ways to easily set the desired tone for each room. Introduce pale pastels to your space and it becomes more calming, soothing and relaxing - the perfect place to quickly wind down and rest after a tiring day! 

Want a quick update without the hassle of repainting an entire room?  Pastel framed prints are a fast and easy way to revamp your walls. A floral sky blue or pink pastel coloured wall art, for instance, can really liven up your dining room, giving it a refreshing vibe.

Set of Two Abstract Pastel Art Prints in Pinks, Yellows and Light Brown Neopolitan Colours in a Bedroom Setting with Bed, Bedside Table and Dried Grasses

Cool pastel wall art prints matched with a subtle wallpaper or wall colour in your bedroom wall can create a laid back atmosphere - perfect for ceating your very own bedroom sanctuary. Pair your art with a matching blanket and cushions and set the mood for really relaxing and intimate space.

Pastel abstract art isn’t just limited to bedrooms. It can be used to great effect in your kitchen and bathrooms. There are many colours that go well in these spaces, such as a pop of mild pastel green or blue to liven up even the dullest of bathrooms.

Shop now to find your dream pastel wall art, no matter which room you’re planning to uplift and enhance.

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